The Art of Content Curation

I attended a FABulous webinar put on by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits last week, called “A Guide to Social Media Engagement.” And I want to share with you all a really great resource that I learned about:

As social media users—whether we have a personal Facebook account or sit at the helm of an organization’s social media efforts—we make choices about what we post. And just like a curator in an art museum, we have to intentionally curate content to reflect a particular point of view. To express the mission or personality of our organization (or ourselves). We are content artists!

To do this, and to find just right content from the many, many potential sources out there, it helps to have a clear understanding of our goals. Sounds like common sense right?

Enter, the Curation Planning Worksheet created by Beth Kanter. Pure content strategy gold. This worksheet, used faithfully, will help you to articulate what exactly it is you hope to accomplish by using social media and how you can get there. It offers structure to the creative process of creating and curating great online content—and gives your work a more defined sense of purpose.

So check out the worksheet, and tell me if it’s helpful for you! What other resources and techniques do you use to plan out content?


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