Dear (Google) Reader,

I admit it, I am a Google Reader addict.

When I first heard about it, I was blown away. And though I know a lot of people are totally familiar with Google Reader, I just want to make sure that anyone who hasn’t heard about  it yet does. Because —have I mentioned? —it’s awesome.

If you are a social media professional or someone who spends a lot of time trolling the internet for the best stuff out there, then listen up. Google Reader is an aggregator, a one-stop shop, where you can collect and store all the content you want to read or share. It’s like a great, self-updating anthology that you create yourself.

Basically, if you subscribe in Reader to an RSS (real simple syndication) feed for a blog or website you want to follow, it will keep track of when new stuff is posted on those sites and let you know. Reader keeps track of all that information, and you can organize it however you want. It also can help you find new content (which I could always use more of) based on your interests and the blogs you are already subscribed to.

So Google Reader helps you stay on top of trends without spending hours searching for them and individually visiting the multiple blogs that you follow and it points you to more of the good stuff: content you want to be reading, responding to, and re-posting.

Internet junkies and content strategists, our day has certainly arrived!

(And for a couple useful tips and tricks to using Google Reader like a pro, you’ve got to turn to Mashable.)


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