The Rules of Engagement

A Drop in the Ocean

One of the public relations firms I admire, Weber Shandwick, has declared this the engagement era. And I think they’re right. We can’t just talk at our audiences, we have to get their attention and actually engage them in conversation.

Weber Shandwick has devised 10 Rules of Engagement. Yes, these rules were no doubt created to promote Weber, but they’re also nuggets of wisdom for all of us who create and curate engaging digital content. (And beyond the rules, Weber’s got some great visual branding going on, so make sure you click on that link to see images/design!)

Of the 10 rules, this is my favorite:

You’re a Drop in the Ocean:  People are drowning in content. More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all three major U.S. networks produced in 60 years. And despite the fact that 60% of all Internet traffic now comes from video, 80% of people never get past the first 10 seconds. Be bold and original and be the drop that’s drunk.”

Be the drop that’s drunk. It might sound obvious, but that’s got to be the best advice on how to engage people with digital content, or any content for that matter. Artistic or commercial. I love it.

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