How Google+ Is Shaping Search Results


Want to be number one on Google? Better get a Google+ account.

Google wants to start prioritizing content created by verified authors, through a function called Author Rank. So how does Google verify that an author is an actual person and not a bot? You guessed it. By finding out if a writer has a Google+ profile.

According to this article on Pandodaily:

Whether you believe it is good or bad, this change has ramifications for content creators. Brands know they must create content, not just to stay fresh and relevant in organic search results, but to engage their customers and maybe even act as thought leaders in their industries. Most companies don’t hire big name journalists for their content marketing—aside from the obvious ethical issues, they can’t afford them. It’s much easier to hire an anonymous consultant or copywriter to churn out content sans byline. No one cares who those writers are as long as the content they produce is viewed as legit to the almighty Google. Until now, that is, when Google wants those writers to have identities.

So SEO nerds, what do you think about Google’s new strategy? I must admit that I’m happy to see search results humanized a bit, if nothing else.


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