Writing—Mad Men Style

mad men

The new season of Mad Men premieres in four days, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what Don Draper and the rest of these beautiful people get up to. And, of course, to get overly emotionally invested in their lives again, as I always do.

As the countdown continues, I’m thinking about mixing up this light, springtime cocktail (no three-martini business lunches for me, thanks) and channeling Peggy Olson—my copywriting muse—as I settle down with some writing projects.

To that end, I’m gathering inspiration from The Mad Men Guide to Changing the World with Words by Copyblogger (a must-read site for anyone interested in content marketing). Mad Men offers some surprisingly good advice for writers and creatives—as relevant now as it was in the 60s. As for me, I’ve made this Don Draperism my personal mantra whenever I find myself running against a writing wall: Just think about it deeply, then forget it…then an idea will jump up in your face. It’s amazing how true this is. How often giving your mind a break, and taking a brisk walk outside is the key to letting inspiration bubble up from a subconscious place.

Have you found creative inspiration in Mad Men? Do you have any sure-fire techniques for idea generation? Developing relationships with your readers? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!


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