A New Job + A Fabulous Blog for Writers

loft literary center

Dear readers, sorry about the radio silence lately. I’ve recently accepted a new position at the Loft Literary Center and they’ve been keeping me busy! However, I miss chatting with you guys about the wide world of marketing and wanted to share with you a bit of what I’ve been doing at the Loft.

As the Loft’s marketing coordinator, I manage our organization’s social media, digital content strategy, etc. And I’m the editor of our fabulous blog: The Writers’ Block. Check it out for (nearly) daily writing tips, trends, and stories. I’m constantly amazed by the wonderful writers and literati who are willing to share their perspective and experience on our site. It’s really on it’s way to becoming a dynamic electronic repository of literary loveliness. And we’ve got some big changes coming up soon to make the blog even better (hint: columnists!), so stay tuned.

Oh, and here’s the latest from me on The Writers’ Block— At one of our recent Loft events we ask attendees to weigh in on Merriam Webster’s recent decision to change the definition of “literally” to include a non-literal definition. These are the results of our informal poll.

What do you think? Are you a defender of the literal “literal” or do you believe that words should evolve along with the culture? Feel free to weigh in with your opinion here, or on the original Writers’ Block post!


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